About Palm Beach Processing

Palm Beach Processing is an elite payment technology company with a known reputation for Integrity, Competitiveness and Excellent Service. We pride ourselves in supporting our Merchants’ needs and finding innovative solutions that maximize profits.

The start of Palm Beach Processing being formed was when George McCullough first began a career in the merchant services industry in 2006 with an ISO/Agency as a sales representative. He quickly picked up the business and the entrepreneurial side of him realized that he could do it on his own and he started McCullough Capital in 2007. As a sole proprietor, he built relationships with clients in New Jersey, New York, California and South Carolina with the goal to save as much money for each business owner as he could. This philosophy led to many happy customers referring other businesses owners and McCullough Capital was soon labeled one of the fastest growing portfolios on First Data’s radar; acquiring clients throughout the whole United States.

After George and his wife, Dana, started spending more time in South Florida, they decided to start Palm Beach Processing to build a new brand in their local community. They first hit the pavement themselves with a great start, but with such excitement around building from the ground up, they soon brought on Sales Agents and made Strategic Partnerships that have made it such a success today. With their core belief of fairness and simplicity, they continue to expand beyond their highest expectations. Palm Beach Processing is proud to be a trusted Business Partner of so many Merchants.

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